TIFF: A squirrel steals a GoPro camera and then runs up a tree

In this TIFF (Things I find funny) Post a gray squirrel nabs a man’s GoPro camera and then run’s it up into a tree where it eventually drops it.

It’s almost as if for a moment the squirrel is making a statement of who’s watching who

Facebook, and TOR hidden services

All I can say is … “Its about time”

While TOR does provide you with the ability to be anonymous that isn’t the full extent of its use.

There’s no reason to let your ISP know when or whether you’re visiting Facebook.  Same goes for Facebook’s upstream ISP, or some any other agency on the Internet, to learn when and whether you use Facebook.

Facebook is used by companies, media, freedom-fighters, and people who want to simply share the news and most of thee people may be in locations where access to Facebook is blocked and TOR enables them to reach out.

Always remember “Tor as a communications tool to give users freedom to choose what sites they visit”

For more info that I have shared about TOR, check out the following:

My Introduction to Tor Hidden Services

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Normal people use Tor



Galaxy S4: No Sim Card Error, Please Reboot

For several months now I have been dealing with an issue where my phone reports that my sim card was removed and prompts me to reboot the device. As you can guess this is very annoying as I am unable to receive SMS and Phone calls and there is no warning other than when I go to look at my phone screen to see this message displayed.

I worked with my phone provider AT&T who later told me to replace my SIM card and reset my phone. I did just that with no success.

After calling Samsung they  told me that couldn’t work with me on the issue and that I needed to deal with AT&T.

I’ve even gone the down the road of rooting the device and installing a custom firmware; No dice, the issue still exists, so I went back to stock.

I had a friend who also uses AT&T use her SIM in my phone and guess what  *****BAM**** same thing.  At this point I am convinced this has something to do with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and the fact that it get’s very hot at times and something internal is damaged.

Android Version: 4.2.2

Baseband Version: I337UCUAMDL


Sorry, I don’t have a solution / fix for this problem just posting about it  #venting

A GoodReads review of my Minecraft Servers

There are times I search my domain name to see where my ranking are going.

Tonight I came across something unexpected. It was a review on the website goodreads where a player who visits my Minecraft Servers gave it a very friendly review and write up.  How awesome is that!

I am so happy that hosting a small Minecraft server as a project to see how my kids play online socially with others has taken off and enjoyed not only by myself, my kids and their friends but the new friends who join and play.

As the author or the post states; I the owner does play the game also. So if you are looking to come hangout on the server please stop on by and give me a hello.


Original Message 

Minecraft Server Address Info

Server A – (default port)

Server B –

Pocket Server (when up): (default port) 

Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab? (Frozen / Breaking Bad Parody)

If you are a fan of AMC’s hit television series Breaking Bad, and Disney’s Frozen, this parody will give you a new kind of joy that only we will can appreciate.


Do you want to build a meth lab?
Come on let’s go and cook
I never see you anymore
Come out the door,
Let’s make our product by the book!
We’ll make lots of money
Just you and me
We’ll stack the cash up high!
Do you want to build a meth lab?
A rolling RV meth lab

Jesse: Go away, Mr. White

Walter: Just one try…

Do you want to build a meth lab?
Or dodge some of Gus’ calls?
I think some cook time is overdue
I’ve started talking to the money in the walls
(Look there, Holly!)
It gets a little lonely,
In this empty lab,
Just watching that fly whiz by…
(Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz)

Jesse, please
I know you’re in there,
Badger’s asking where you’ve been,
This can’t all be for nothing
And I’m trying to,
Make things right with you
Just let me in
We built this empire together
And it’s all we have
What do you want to do?

Do you want to build a meth lab? (cough)

Written & Created by:
Amanda Hill
Zack James
Stephen Kardynal
Evan Cloyd
Alex Negrete

Walter White and Jesse voiced by:
Brock Baker

Produced by Animeme

Animated by Toonocracy
Storyboard Artists: James Sharp and Scott Simons
Character Designs: Scott Simons
Background Artist: Margaret Hardy
Animation Director: Tom Riffel
Animator: J. Nate Lowe Hank
Compositor: Colin Fleming

Music and SFX:
Max Repka

Edited by Alex Negrete

This is a parody of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” (Frozen Movie Soundtrack)
Not affiliated with Walt Disney corporation or AMC

Metallica’s “One” played on medieval instruments

Belarusian music ensemble Stary Olsa (Стары Ольса) covers “One” from Metallica’s 1988 LP,…And Justice For All.

More info on the band can be found here:

I got my invite to Inbox by Gmail / Google

I’ve waited and thanks for a good friend I got my invite.
I am super exited to give this a test and be on the cutting edge.

You open you email to see the cool invite

Then you install the app and log in and you can feel the magic in your hands.  Email will never be the same again.


“If you think you can or you can’t – you’re right!”
– Henry Ford

Amazing Photo-Realistic Portrait Of Robin Williams

21-year old college student Heather Rooney decided to honor the memory Robin Williams, with this photorealistic pencil drawing of the actor. What will take you close to five minutes to watch took her over 30 hours. This man’s gift to the world will be timeless.

And he will forever be missed.

Goodbye Robin Williams

“You realize there are a lot of amazing people out there to be grateful for. And a loving God… That’s what life is about.”
– Robin Williams, 1951-2014

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.  You helped me via your art know that I didn’t have to be “normal” that there wasn’t a reason to fit in.

You made it known it was ok to be expressive and for this; I am blessed to have had you entertain me over the years.

I don’t write this post for you. It’s very obvious you will not be reading it, but I share it with the fellow fans who too know what its like to be normal; yet so different from others. And you know, there is nothing wrong with that.

RIP: Robin Williams, I will forever be thankful fan.