Blind Trust Project

Taking place in downtown Toronto. A Man who happens to be Muslim with arms outstretched, stands next to signs reading “I am a Muslim. I am labelled as a terrorist” and “I trust you. Do you trust me? Give me a hug.”

Video credit: Asoomii Jay

Save those diapers for the house and garden plants

In this video Grant Thompson – “The King of Random” show you how to turn diapers unused and even those used ones into enhanced soil that can store water because of the hydrogel made after the Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) in diapers get wet.

Check out the video and enjoy this cool little gardening hack.


Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)
The secret sauce inside disposable diapers since the mid-80s has been Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP). Referred to by various names such as hydrogel, sodium polyacrylate, polyacrylate absorbents, or in Pamper’s FAQ as Absorbent Gel Material (AGM); these tiny crystals are carefully sprinkled inside the layers of the absorbent core of a diaper, being utilized for their incredible ability to absorb and trap fluid (i.e. from urine and wet poopy). And it’s not just major brand-names like Pampers and Huggies that use SAP, it is used in ALL of the 24 diapers we tested. And we mean all, green disposable diapers, as well as traditional.

SAP is claimed to absorb up to 300x its weight in water and retain it. In the left photo, you see a small pile of white SAP crystals from a diaper’s absorbent core. It has a consistency of a very fine white sand. We then added 65 drops of water, which was completely absorbed by the SAP in a few minutes to become the gelatinous crystal pile you see from two angles in the center and right photos. Credit: BabyGearLab Staff

Be sure to check out Grant Thompson – “The King of Random” on YouTube and Subscribe to his channel

Daddy, he lies because of me

This is a video made by MetLife Hong Kong that I am re-sharing because its meaning touching that feelgood spot inside. As a parent I know that sacrifices I have made to provide what I can for my children.

And reflecting back on my childhood I appreciate and eternally grateful for those my parents made for me. I may have not known it then, or fully understood it later on.

Today its all so clear. “Because my child’s future is worth every sacrifice”.

jermFit – Lunch 1st Week February 2015

This weeks lunch packs:
Baby Kale & Spinach (Corrected), 2 cups (65g)
White Mushrooms, 170 g
Carrot Chips, 3/4 cup
Grape Tomatoes, 3 oz
Habanero Pepper (Raw), Chili, 1 pepper (45g)

150 Calories

Estimated Price to make five of these meals: $8.00

12-Year-Old With Down Syndrome | John Legend Cover

Born with Down syndrome, Madison faces difficulties in life, although they exist she still finds the courage to do what most of us whom consider ourselves as “normal” would be frightened to do. Madison is truly an inspirational force in today’s world.  An example that the impossible does not exist.

Her cover made me smile and even cry.  Most of all it touched my heart. So I am sharing here on and my social media feeds.

For more of Madison -

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My First Concussion

Four days ago – On the morning of Thursday, January 8 2015 I suffered my first concussion, as a result of me slipping and falling back on and hitting my head on my driveway. From that point on the events of the last days have been very difficult for me. I am sharing them here so I can later read and for future understanding.

So lets go over the events as I can recall them.

My wife had asked me to start our minivan so that it would be warmed up for her. After starting the van I recall closing the door and turning to walk towards the front of the van. This is where I slipped and fell backwards (my drive way is somewhat on a slant). I completely lost balance and fell back.

I remember the air being knocked out of me as I also hit my head on the ground, there was a dull clunk sound like a glass bottle and like a flash of bright lights. I was embarrassed about falling and attempted to get up right away and could not. I recall reaching up to the back of my head to feel for any bleeding and looking at my hand.  I couldn’t find a sense of direction; left- right, up – down, everything was spinning and I guess this is where I blacked out

Black out period – despite trying hard to do so, I do not recall these events properly

Now when I say black out, I am referring to loss of time or memory of events taking place.

The short version my wife found me outside, called 911. The local township police arrived followed by EMT’s who evaluated me and got me on a stretched and into the ambulance where I was soon after taken to the hospital. I was admitted to the ER for evaluation.


While at the hospital server tests and evaluation were done included a CT scan. I was later diagnosed with a concussion after the results of my tests and scan and later in the day released. I was instructed not do things that involve physical and mental activity.  I have been trying to do this.


Symptoms – Monday, January 12, 2015

  • Feeling tired
  • Feeling like I’m half asleep
  • Falling to sleep during the day; can’t keep my eyes open
  • Having issues concentrating, distracted
  • Off balance – when moving my head or walking around I get the spins (dizziness), when in bed the sensation of falling when on my back

Looks like its time to see what the Neurologist I’ve been put in contact with has to say


Update – Thursday, January 15, 2015

I went to the Neurologist office yesterday morning. Amazingly I was the first person in. The doctor did some evaluation checks and matched them with the notes and info sent over from the hospital. She had indicated that what I was feeling is relative to that of my injury and will subside.

Awesome news as I will be able to return to work on Monday and perhaps ease back into my daily activities. Frankly I am going a little nuts sitting around the house.

She said I am currently suffering form Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) which is caused by fluid in my inner ear and this should subside in time (week to weeks, even up to a months time and if it doesn’t more tests and treatment can be done. She offered me some medications but I declined them as I don’t wan’t anything which is going to make me wan’t to sleep or be zoned out.

Symptoms I have

  • Dizziness when moving my head – But this seems to happen only when I quickly turn my head
  • Dizziness when turning quickly while walking – I guess similar to that of turning my head quickly
  • Off balance – I still be a bit off balance but no more sensation that I am going to fall.  Perhaps I didn’t mention that prior.

Overall I am feeling good.

Oh and I must give a thumbs up to my niece “Jessica” who I spoke to about my symptoms; The issues I am experiencing are related directly with the “vestibular system”.  I guess all those years in school getting her Masters in Occupational Therapy you did learn something.


Update- Friday, January 23, 2015

I’ve been back to work this week.  Monday which was a hard day for me and took a lot to make it into the office, work the day and make it home. I kinda jumped in feet first and was overwhelmed.

After working from home the next week days I was able to make it into the office for a full Thursday and Friday work day.  Admittedly I am very drained mentally but keeping up. I am looking forward to a weekend of rest.

Symptoms Remaining

  • Dizziness when moving my head
  • Dizziness when turning quickly while walking
  • Off balance

Wishing You Happy New Year!

May the New Year bring you lasting happiness and success!

Happy New Year!

- Jermal Smith (jermsmit)

Holiday Care Packages for Teachers

My wife and I are thankful for all the teachers whom educate our kids year after year. To show this appreciation we send in a holiday care package to them to help them with class room supplies.


Some of you may be unaware that teachers, will reach into their own pockets to pay for supplies to help students threw-out the school year. A few rolls of paper towels, extra crayons, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, etc… and most importantly a “Thank You” goes a long way. After all these are the men and women our children spend time with and look up to.

I’d say its worth the effort, and the love.

Dryer Cleaning / Troubleshooting

This week like many weeks before it we are doing laundry as we normally do when noticed a smoke smell coming from our laundry room.  The smell was like that of a cigarette. The smell seemed to be coming from the dryer.

So why not open it up and take a look inside.

On inspection I noticed that the inside of the dyer was filled with a carpet of dryer lint.
Dryer lint built up over a five year period of usage and the lack of proper maintenance

This amount of dyer lint would cause excessive heat build up in your dyer causing the thermal sensor to stop the dyer before your items are dyed out. In-fact on further inspection this lint which covered the the bottom of the dyer seem to be burnt; shockingly to my surprise.  This would eventually cause a fire

The advice I can now offer any of you, is to open up and clean out your dryer *NOW* if you have never done so.
The risk of property damage and your life is a reality and all can be avoided with some simple steps.

While I was in the dyer I was able to remove the fins on the internal drum to remove the lost change and even found a few missing socks

Info on my dryer

Type: Kenmore Elite

Video I found online and used to assist me in working on my dryer


Other Photos 

Lint Tray assembly

Dryer Exhaust

QOTD: I’m good

Every time I want to do bad, she’s there to remind me that I’m good. - Jermal Smith 2014