While there has been some talk & ‘buzz’ about this for some time now Sony has announce that it is removing the PlayStation 3’s “OtherOS” feature in the console next firmware update schedules on April 1st 2010.  What does this say?  Goodbye to home brewed games and many of the nice tools that made your PS3 into an excellent media station.

Anyone wanting to keep “OtherOS” can opt not to install the update, however this will prevent you from accessing the PlayStation Network and disable any online gaming.  But wait… there is always more; New games and movies  my not permit you to even play them without the latest firmware.  So those of you whom fight the power may find yourselves in the dark.

In an official blog post, the company cited “security concerns” and confirmed that all models of PS3 will no longer be able to run Linux. This contradicts a previous statement, following news that the PS3 Slim would ship without the feature, that OtherOS would not be removed from so called “fat” PS3’s via a future update.

Sony Lied.  No future PS3 Cluster for me