Let’s fall in love with Windows 7 all over again, with Internet Explorer 11. Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview is fast and fluid, and lets your websites shine and perform just like native applications on your PC.


Internet Explorer 11. Fast and fluid for Windows 7.

  • Fast: Internet Explorer 11 harnesses the untapped power of your PC, delivering pages full of vivid graphics, smoother video, and interactive content.
  • Easy: Experience the web the way you want to with pinned sites, built-in Spell-check  and seamless integration with your PC running Windows 7.
  • Safer: Improved features like Smart-screen Filter and Tracking Protection let you be more aware of threats to your PC and your privacy.

Message to my developer types; get it, get it now. And make sure your awesome websites work with it.

Download it herehttp://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=39677