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Linux – Find Out CPU Information

“Dr. Chandra, will I dream?” – HAL-9000

You can use /proc/cpuinfo file or use the lscpu command to get info about CPU architecture. It will display information like: Number of CPUs, Threads, Cores, Sockets, etc…

Open a terminal and type the following command:
less /proc/cpuinfo

You cal also just type: lscpu for the same results

Vyatta Router Configuration Location

Some of us may have looked for this, most of us have found it.
Simply change directory to /opt/vyatta/etc/config to find the Vyatta router config.boot


sending sms, mms, txt messages to phones with email


Most, if not all mobile carries have “SMS Gateways” that an take in an email message and deliver them to their customer as text messages. This works also with mms messages.

That seems simple, doesn’t it!  It is if you know the carrier the recipient’s phone is on, along with their phone number.  Below are a few I have found:

AT&T Wireless (Formerly Cingular):
AT&T Wireless (Formerly Cingular):

Sprint (PCS):
Sprint (Nextel):


I’ve found a larger List of SMS Gateways.  This may be more up to date and consisting of a larger number of phone carriers.

– jermal


Problem Steps Recorder

A quick pffffft:

The Problem Step Recorder (PSR) is a little known feature of Windows 7 which allows you to record your desktop along with applications and activities so you can later show someone such as a tech support person or even give a demo on how to use something in Windows.  This is very handy if you are remote from the user or supporting them during hours where neither of you are able to work together in real time.

Thumbs up to Microsoft for adding this feature!

How-to use:

Click Start and type PSR and press Enter.  A window will open with some basic control features such as ‘record’. Now setup your environment so that you are ready to reproduce your steps and click Start Record.  When completed you stop the recording.  Problem Steps Recorder will record every click and key press, take screen grabs, and package everything up into a single zipped MHTML file.

As you can see, no need for third party apps, because you have what you need.

I hope this helps you one day or helps you help someone else.


Enable ssh and ssh root access on Vyatta


  • Root account enabled

Enable SSH / SSH root access
To access the shell from a remote pc, with for example, the program “putty”.


vyatta@vyatta# set service ssh
vyatta@vyatta# set service ssh allow-root
vyatta@vyatta# commit
vyatta@vyatta# save

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