Retrieve MX records using nslookup

One of my new kids on the block asked me a question tonight; “Jermal, how do I get the mx record of a domain?”

To retrieve mx record information we need to use a tool called nslookup which is available in Windows and Linux

The quick syntax use is


Example of its usage

And what it looks like in




Workout – Plan For December: Happy New Year

Now that the holidays are here and the new year is approaching, its time for me to attempt a nice program to push myself into the next level of my workouts. To do this I need to write out a plan of what I will be targeting week after week.

So here it is… And for each I plan to take a full day off between workouts; and if I do go to the gym it will be interval cardio walking, running only.

Back and Biceps (3 sets of 8-10 reps)

Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps (3 sets of 8-10 reps)

Shoulder Workout (3 sets of 8-10 reps)

Leg Day Workout (3 sets of 8-10 reps) And be ready not to walk the next day

Note – there will be a minimum of 50 push-ups done, with the target of 100 per each 24 hour day.

Thanks to for the video links

A GoodReads review of my Minecraft Servers

There are times I search my domain name to see where my ranking are going.

Tonight I came across something unexpected. It was a review on the website goodreads where a player who visits my Minecraft Servers gave it a very friendly review and write up.  How awesome is that!

I am so happy that hosting a small Minecraft server as a project to see how my kids play online socially with others has taken off and enjoyed not only by myself, my kids and their friends but the new friends who join and play.

As the author or the post states; I the owner does play the game also. So if you are looking to come hangout on the server please stop on by and give me a hello.


Original Message 

Minecraft Server Address Info

Server A – (default port)

Server B –

Pocket Server (when up): (default port) 

Welcome to Microsoft Office 365 Community

I guess not I can start participating in valuable conversation in the Office 365 Community. Bio Page is now set.  What next?

How to Enable Data Compression & Bandwidth savings in Google Chrome Mobile Application

A new feature in Google Chrome Mobile which allows you to enable compression to  save on data usage is available.

To enable this feature the following needs to be done:

If you don’t have Google Chrome installed – download it from the Play or App Store.

Once you have it downloaded and installed open Google Chrome (wonderful isn’t it, having the best browser made on your device).

*plug alert* Oh and don’t forget to visit from your device to stay up to date with whats new.

Once installed you just need to enter the “settings”  menu

select  bandwidth management,  then reduce data usage and turn this feature on.

Now you’re on the path of saving bandwidth and money.

If this feature is not yet available to you, check your device for updates it will be here very soon.