CyanogenMod 10.1.0 Release

If you haven’t heard the news, now you know. The CyangenMod team has released version 10.1.0 to be a general release. You will soon see files available on their servers (go to

As always, you will see a list of devices and while some like Exynos based Samsung devices may have been left out you should see them appearing later in the week(s) to come

As always, the CyanogenMod team are always bring us the best and latest features to empower our devices.

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Google Crisis Response

Many of my friends may not know about this. I hope now they will and be better informed now and in the future. I feel the more you know, the more you can extend a helping hand to others. Google seems to have done just that by making critical information more accessible in times of disaster.

Google Crisis Response provides critical information and develops tools to support disaster relief. Some examples are:

  • Google Public Alerts disseminates relevant emergency alerts to users when and where they’re searching for them
  • Google Person Finder allows people to locate loved ones who have been impacted by a crisis
  • Google Crisis Maps was created to show damage and resources following emergency events.

Stop by and get informed and help if you can.

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Microsoft updates Outlook app for Android

Back in November 2013 Microsoft released this app to the Android market. While still a good app it lacked several features and luster desired by us mobile users. So many voiced their thoughts and ideas and Microsoft has rolled out an update for its Outlook app for Android, adding fixes and features based on user feedback.

Someone is listening, and that’s a good thing.

Head over to the Android market and get your copy now, or simply update if you haven’t already.

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Extensionless URLs

For as long as I can recall URL’s to websites have always ended in some extension. From the .htm, .html, .php, .aspx, .cgi, and even the strange ?category=2614&sessionid=1jermsmit2you34873691

If you have noticed today, many websites are changing this practice to have URL’s that are friendlier. In fact they have been doing it for many years now. Possibly to optimized search results or just make them look more appealing. Some of the things I have read have even stated it could be useful as a security method so that a ‘hacker’ would not easily guess the backend code of the web application. I wouldn’t advise this as a reason to switch.

Good reasons to switch could be that:

File extensions are ugly, File extensions are irrelevant today, File extensions give away implementation details (back to security), File extensions make life difficult if you ever decide to switch technologies

Regardless of why someone may switch, I personally find it to be pleasant and all the more powerful. This is also why I recently changed to use extensionless urls also. If your building web applications or simply supporting a website this may be worth looking into. Perhaps you can make a significant contribution to your project by simply making a slight change.

So pay attention to the URLs at the top of your browser and feel free to stop by stop by my Facebook Page and give me a Like

Maintenance Page Elegance

Today I stopped by one of the sites I frequent and noticed a maintenance page. What got me was how elegant it was. The design is clean and simple and left me happy, wanting to return later.

I give two thumbs up to Infragistics.