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Bluetooth, NFC, and Wireless Safety

Bluetooth, NFC, and Wireless Safety – Day 6 – 30 Day Security Challenge – TekThing [youtube id=”xL0EMGyCguw” width=”600″ height=”350″] Turn off Bluetooth. Turn off NFC. Turn off auto connect to known wireless access points. Forget networks you don’t normally connect to. Today’s Video and Shownotes: The Whole Challenge:…


Microsoft Patched the KRACK Vulnerability Last Week

Last week, Microsoft released an update ‘Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4041676‘. Guess what was also included within this… Yup! The Patch for the Krack Vulnerability.  At this time the KRACK vulnerability that was not publicly disclosed, until Monday, October 16 2017. Very slick move on the part of Microsoft slipping this in to protect its […]

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Remove Wireless Profiles in Windows 10

Similar to my previous post ‘Windows 8: Remove Old Wireless Network Profiles‘ the following are steps which can be preformed in both the command prompt or PowerShell prompt. Task: Clean up all wireless profiles in Windows 10 Requirements: PowerShell or Command Prompt Elevated Privileges Steps: Open, a PowerShell prompt or Command prompt as Administrator Enter netsh wlan show profiles […]

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Windows 8: Remove Old Wireless Network Profiles

Recently I changed wireless access points with another of the same name. Rather than the name remaining “” in windows it changed to “ 2”. Perhaps just me, but I found this to be a little annoying. So I jumped in the command line (as administrator) and performed the following steps Opened the command prompt […]

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Xfinity Cable TV/Phone/Internet Services

I have recently become a homeowner and now in my new home I was forced to change Phone, TV and Internet Services. For many years I have been a very happy Verizon FiOS customer. The thing I will miss most about FiOS is the price and the internet speeds. It was a sad day when I […]