Performance Point Server Error – “The Unattended Service Account”…

So I got an error in SharePoint 2010 today:

The data source cannot be used because PerformancePoint Services is not configured correctlyAdditional details have been logged for your administrator.

This all started with a SharePoint user attempting to use Performance Point.  While in the dashboard designer the following error was given when attempting to create a new data source


I then took another walk in the park I like to call “Central Admin”  I went to the following location.  Central Admin | Manage Service Applications | PerformancePoint Service Application | PerformancePoint Service Application Settings

All seemed fine.  The Key existed I could even generate a new key.  So what now?

I then checked on the PerformancePoint Service Application Settings – Here I noticed that the Unattended Service Account info (DomainUser) was blank.  So I added the service account which I had expected to be running this service.

I then added that service account user to the database that was being accesses as a public user.  Saving this info I went back into the Dashboard Designer to test things out.  And what do you know.  By doing into the connection settings of my data sources, adding the server address I was now able to see the databases and the cube info.

I guess I got it working!

Inexperienced in the deeper areas of SharePoint = Yes

Willing to give up = Never (No)