Samsung Galaxy S – “Skype has stopped working.”

Day 1 on the Galaxy Android and I download Skype and cannot sign in.  I am greeted with the non-informational message of “Skype has stopped working” and I have two options, Exit Skype or Sign in.

Wait… Sing in?  That’s thing that doesn’t even work.  For testing purposes I attempt to create an account – Nope doesn’t work either

This is not a good sign or my Droid experience.


… Not so long ago (Back in the day).  There was a place named RadioShack  and it was the first place many of us looked for parts.  The parts to fix that which was broken.  Today the Shack isn’t what it once was and now  RadioShack is now looking for input from us to help bring back the dependability and quality of service we all once knew and loved.  So please, if you are a do it yourself (DIY) type and miss that once dependable place to go to when you needed that one thing.  Join me and so many others who are expressing are desire to bring back the Shack.

ESXi 4 on USB Thumb Drive

I have no doubts there are many people writing about this; so add me to the list.  I wanted to setup my small ESXi 4 Server to boot from USB media so that I no longer needed to have a local drive in the machine I use as a server.

Using VMware Player and a USB Stick, I was able to do this in a few simple steps.

[Step 1] Create a new 64bit virtual machine – this is very important as ESXi requires this.  Make sure that the virtual machine is configured with a USB controller.  I had also removed the virtual hard disk and other devices such as sound card, and printers, etc.

[Step 2] Mount the ESXi Install ISO and insert a USB Thumb Drive

[Step 3] Power on the virtual machine and make sure the USB Thumb Drive is made available

[Step4] Run thought the ESXi installer and select the USB drive as the installing disk – At this point we are just waiting for the installation to complete.

[Step 5] When completed, you will be asked to reboot the system.  At this point you can reboot and remove the USB Thumb Drive from the computer and plug it into your server.   Make sure your server is set to boot from the USB Thumb drive

When completed you will have ESXi running and you are good to go.  Enjoy!

Help: Stuck at Apple Logo then Black/Blank Screen

So after some jailbreak fun and doings something wrong, I found myself stuck at a black screen just after the iPhone start-up logo.  I attempted to force the iPhone to restart many times with the same results until following the next few steps to restore my iPhone to factory defaults.

  1. I needed to turn off my iPhone by holding the sleep + home buttons together until the iPhone powered off.
  2. Using the iPhone (ipod) usb cable hooked up to a computer running iTunes.. Press and hold the home button without letting go, and plug your usb cable into the computer.
  3. Next the iTunes logo with the usb cord will show on the iPhone screen and the restore process begins
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How-to screenshot with an iPhone

I have always noticed that people had these type of things on the iPhone but never put much thought into it until I recently moved into a iPhone myself. I noticed in the application store that people were selling screen shot tools and even had free ones for use. When I stumbled upon how to do this without the need of an App.


To take a screenshot, just hold down the home button while quickly pressing the sleep/wake button at the top of the phone. You will noticed the screen does a little flash and even hear the camera shutter sound. And there you go. You now have a image saved with the other photos on the phone.

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