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Xfinity Cable TV/Phone/Internet Services

I have recently become a homeowner and now in my new home I was forced to change Phone, TV and Internet Services. For many years I have been a very happy¬†Verizon FiOS customer. The thing I will miss most about FiOS is the price and the internet speeds. It was a sad day when I […]

Software Technical

Android Device Manager: Unknown Location

Today I wanted to have some fun with the new¬†Android Device Manager and find my phone to test out this new feature. I ran into a snag when I logged in. The site was unable to find my device, giving me the message: “Unknown Location”. If your like me and want to correct this, you […]

Hardware How-To Technical

How-to screenshot with an iPhone

I have always noticed that people had these type of things on the iPhone but never put much thought into it until I recently moved into a iPhone myself. I noticed in the application store that people were selling screen shot tools and even had free ones for use. When I stumbled upon how to […]