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Changing a Provisioned Machine’s Owner in vRA

This is a first, but we recently needed to change the owner of a group of deployments in vRA Version: 7.6.0. Some things you need to know – You must be a Business Group Manager (BGM) with reconfigured privileges or Admin to make the change. Steps: Done. Now, I am looking for a way to […]

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ChatGPT plugin for VS.Code

So I asked ChatGPT for advice and here is how it responded to my question. There are a few ChatGPT plugins available for Visual Studio Code. One of the most popular ones is the ChatGPT Extension for VSCode1. This extension allows you to use the unofficial ChatGPT API to generate natural language responses from OpenAI’s ChatGPT to […]

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VMware ESXi 8

VMware ESXi 8 is the latest version of VMware’s enterprise-class hypervisor, designed to provide a secure and stable virtualization platform for businesses of all sizes. ESXi 8 offers a range of new and enhanced features, including improved performance, enhanced security, and greater scalability. One of the most notable features of ESXi 8 is its improved […]

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What’s New in VMware

VMware has been at the forefront of virtualization technology for years, and they continue to innovate and develop new products and features. Recently, they have released a number of exciting new products that are sure to make virtualization even easier and more efficient. One of the most exciting new products is VMware Fusion 11, which […]

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Cybersecurity best practices

Below are recommendations on cybersecurity best practices that are useful in protecting digital assets and reducing the likelihood and impact of a successful attack. Invest in security awareness training. Invest the time, money, and resources to ensure users understand risks, the latest cyber threats, and best practices. Lock screens. When stepping away from your computer […]

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Website redirecting to another site from search results

I was recently informed by a friend that was redirecting to another site when clicked on a google search result link. Initially, I thought he may have had some local malware. After a fair amount of time inspecting the web traffic, and review of site configuration, I was able to determine that the redirect […]