My heart is heavy in reflection as the life of my cousin; Chief Linwood B. Pulley Jr slowly moves towards his finial day’s and hours.

I ask you my friends to share just a little bit of your prayers, and good wishes to us his family and him during this time.

Linwood B. Pulley Jr. – Retired US Navy

Linwood B. Pulley Jr.  has served our country in the United States Navy from 1988 – 2012 (22 years).

To this children and wife the worlds best father, and loving husband… To his mother, the greatest son a mother could wish to have.

From as long as I can remember I have called him superman because he’s always been just that; he could make the would be impossible possible and do what I could only imagine.

Years back when I was made aware of his Cancer I was saddened and had thought he wouldn’t be with us for long. Even giving a short time to live, but superman fought hard and battled for the last 2 years to stay around to share in on our lives and continue to inspire others; myself included.

Lin, I thank you for all childhood memories that will live until the end of my days. I thank you for the talks and life advice; and I will do all I can to follow them.

When the time comes and you leave us and enter into heaven; give grandma a hug for me, and assure that ‘yes, I did eat’. This isn’t goodbye from me; I don’t say goodbye. So I will see you later.

So keep fighting as long as you can. If you choose to take that eternal rest from this life  know I love you, and know you will always live on in my heart cousin.   – Jermal