2017 Hyundai Sonata Sport – Oil Consumption, Misfires Tapping, and Rattling

Year: 2017
Make: Hyundai
Model: Sonata Sport
Dealership: Lester Glenn Hyundai: Hyundai Dealer | Toms River NJ

Symptoms Began: About 78,000 miles
I started noticing misfires and a rapid tapping/rattling sound while driving at lower speeds 20-40MPH or dropping down to higher speeds to 40 and attempting to accelerate. Later noticed that my oil light was flicking on and off at times; odd as I was 1500 mile short of being due.

Got my old changed, and while I was not driving as much being home due to working from home since covid, I noticed that my light was flicking on/off again. I went back to have my car looked at where I get my oil changes and they assured me that they changed it and fill it, and then informed me of a known oil consumption issue.

I also had my sparkplugs replaced and was informed that oil was getting into there, which may be why the misfires had been occurring. After being replaced the sounds and misfire seemed to go away but came back after like 100 miles.

Now at 80,9XX miles –
Scheduled appointment with Dealer to get Hyundai corp. to approve the consumption test setup
I also informed the dealership of the misfire and rapid tapping/rattling sounds, they said they could not find any code of this issue on the car and claimed to test drive the car, when in fact they did not because I recorded my mileage and it only changed 1 mile from when I dropped it off and I fenced the car with the bluelink service and it did not move from the dealer location (LIE #1 from the dealer).


The dealer also stated my oil pan was cracked (blaming the shop I take all my cars to) and I was leaking oil; I in no way was leaking oil as my car is garage kept and my floor would have been stained (I am not going to say this is a LIE, but doesn’t add up)

I am not informed that Hyundai corp approved the consumption testing and I am to drive 1,000 miles so they could check the consumption rate.
The next step I am told is “Engion Combustion Cleaning” and driving again.

This is a total waste of my time and no one ever looked into the tapping/rattling sound and misfire issue

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