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Enable SNMP on ESXi5

Looking to enable SNMP to do some external monitoring on my ESXi Boxen. I took a quick dive into the CLI and found a way to do this.

Using our friend putty, I connected to my ESXi host via SSH. I then changed directory to the /etc/vmware/ folder: ~ # cd /etc/vmware/

ESXi 5 doesn’t have nano (best CLI editor on earth) so I use the original best ‘vi’. Simply type vi snamp.xml ( /etc/vmware # vi snmp.xml ) you will see the following:


At this point things should be obvious. Press ‘i’ to insert data and change all that is false to ‘true‘ and add Public between the <communities></communities> ( end result <communities>Public</communities> ) and you just need to press Esc followed by :wq to save and quit.

Lastly you need to restart some management services. This is done by typing: /etc/vmware # restart now you should be able to monitor your ESXi 5 boxen.

Good Luck to you…

– Jermal