is temporarily unavailable…

“The PlayStation Network is temporarily unavailable …” I guess the term temporary is a period of time in excess of 5 days or more.

Sony also indicates they sincerely regret the PlayStation Network suspension due to a breach in their security and are making efforts to resolve the problem by re-building their systems.  This puts users such as me who use the PS3 not only for gaming, but to watch movies on Netflix in a very frustrated position.

So what new news has Sony released? Nothing so far; but what we do know is that on Friday, April 22, 2011 Sony issued a statement saying that the downtime is due to some form of external intrusion.

I now wonder if there is any relation to the “sky falling’ or “raining” event with Amazon’s cloud network last week.  For those of you who didn’t know; Amazon hosted sites across the US had gone offline for periods up to 12 hours; with the majority of the outages in Amazon’s northern Virginia data center.

Well, I’ll continue to wait, read and write to vent my frustrations