Set up the Default Domain for vCenter Single Sign-On | Tech-Short

vCenter Single Sign by default requires the user to specify the domain during authentication with vCenter. Example: JERMSMIT\admin or admin@JERMSMIT.LAB. You can eliminate the need to insert the domain in the username by following the following steps.   Log in to the vSphere Web Client as administrator@vsphere.local or as another user with vCenter Single Sign-On administrator […]

Software Technical

Tech Short: Ubuntu Server System Information on login

If you have run Ubuntu Server you may have noticed that each time you log into your system via SSH system information  status are displayed. I have wondered this for a while now and tonight I found out. The command to reproduce this information is landscape-sysinfo This command is run from /etc/update-motd.d/50-landscape-sysinfo and exists when […]

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Windows Vista/7 – Regain Lost Admin Access

Recently, someone, I knew decided to change their password, and later forgot it.  This account was the only Administrator account on the system.   And while their data was just fine they had no access to their desktop.  So they called upon ‘jermsmit’ to assist them in getting logged onto their system once again.   Here I […]