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Tech Short: How To Disable and Enable Ports HP ProCurve

Troubleshooting an issue with a switch I needed to disable a port.  Why not share my steps.

To disable a single or multiple ports we do the following

Log into your switch via console (in my case I SSH in using Putty)

When connected type: configure

Then issue the following command (note you can tab complete)

interface ethernet 13 disable

If you were to enable a disabled port you simply you use the enable command.

Before existing the console issue the following to save changes.

write memory

You can now exit form the console; the port you specified has been disabled



3 replies on “Tech Short: How To Disable and Enable Ports HP ProCurve”

Good info but just a warning I have tested this on Centos machines only in bridge mode, it will detect when the port is offline. However, even if you re-enable the port, the machines don’t seem to come back online unless you restart the network on the server itself, so if you don’t have KVM access you are in big trouble. Even manually enabling and disabling the adapter does not seem to help. I suspect this is a bug in HP’s firmware as there should be a full port reset (to replicate the unplugging and replugging of the port) like most other managed switches I’ve seen.

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