VMware Recertification Policy Update | February 5, 2019

VMware just announced Changes to VMware Recertification Policy – Removal of 2 Year Requirement

As of February 5, 2019, VMware Certification will no longer have a mandatory recertification requirement. Now, you have the choice of when to recertify, rather than be required to do so every two years.

Certifications will still retire, so recertification is important to:
• Validate your expertise in the latest VMware products
• Show relevancy in the market by holding up-to-date certifications
• Receive the full benefits of VMware certification

Details and FAQ’s located here

Video on this topic:

Here is a sample of some of the Q&A:

Q. What is changing about the VMware recertification policy?

A. VMware is removing the requirement to recertify their VCP certifications within a two year period. Industry research confirms the importance of keeping your skills and certifications current, but VMware will no longer mandate when to recertify. We will leave that decision up to each individual candidate.

Q. Why is VMware removing the two-year recertification requirement?

A. The most compelling reason is that we want VMware certifications to match the needs of each candidate. Many candidates recertify every two years and upgrade their environments to the latest versions. Others maintain older products and do not yet need experience with the new versions. While holding the most current certification is the best way to keep your skills relevant, the recertification policy will no longer mandate when an individual must update their certification(s). We want to allow each person the flexibility to do what best supports their individual and organizational needs.

Q. If my certification becomes active again, will I get access to its logo and certificate?

A. Yes. You will have access to use the certification logo and print the certificate.

Q. Are there changes to any other certifications other than the VMware Certified Professional (VCP)?

A. VCP certifications were the only VMware certifications that had a mandatory two-year recertification requirement. This change does not affect the other certification levels.

Q. Where can I learn more?

A. Visit to view your VMware Certification options.

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