Look, Mom, No Malware! | DocuPhish

And, just like that, all your advanced threat protection, anti-virus, and anti-malware protection and the bad guys are still getting to you.

There is a new phishing scam going on these days that use legitimate resources to pull off classic social engineering maneuvers to capture your information.

Enter – DocuPhish – The bad guys are now using the Docusign infrastructure to launch attacks against unsuspecting victoms.

By clicking on the yellow “Review Document” button you land on a legit Docusign page, where are asked to fill out the form with information about yourself, your company. Filling out such a form would allow for the phisher to steal your or companies identity.

If you are gullible enough the damages could be extensive. Imagine if someone on your finance team was to fall for this attack…

More reason to be aware of such threats and take security awareness training. It’s recommended that you hire a profeshinal to come in to educate you and your staff, but there are many free resources online that offer the same if not better materials

Here is a YouTube search link to many videos discussing security

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