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Windows 10 – Cortana and search stopped working – build 10041


When I first installed Windows 10, Cortana was working


I didn’t jump into using it right away but later came back to find that it no longer functioned at all.

“Are you mad bro” comes to mind.


I would like to avoid a clean install to get this working but seem that this may be the only option until I can understand what I changed or what has updated to cause this.

I am using the Windows 10 Preview build 10041


Could it be Chrome?  For now its a unknown.


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I have several small problems with Windows 10. I first noticed that Cortana stopped working, When I contacted Microsoft for support, that’s when my problems REALLY started. A technician worked on my computer remotely for hours….LITERALLY!!! She evidently wasn’t aware that the taskbar can be made to auto hide. That was important to me because I also run the Stardock Objectdock program at the same time, and that also autohides. I’ve had no problem with that for about 5 years with W10 and W7 before that. She then said she would send me to level 2 technician, but they would call back in two days! No call was ever received so I recalled MS. Waiting time was 41/2 hours but they would call me back when ready for me. Again, no call. I called again, and the technician told me that he would send me right over to a level two tech without going thru all the level one stuff again. I waited on hold for about an hour and a half, and when the level two called me, he immediately hung up. I am now on the phone again, on hold for about an hour, so far. but I am determined. I am astonished to see the lack of foresight on the part of Microsoft with W10 and the lack of employees to help their customers, in not providing even a half-hearted effort with this disaster.

When i first try it doesn t work, i search the problem and its say Windows Firewall not Started so when i get to Control Panel and search then i try to enable it doesn t work then try to get to Services and i found it Windows Firewall its disabled so i enabled it and i try the command again it worked great. NOW MY PC IS BACK TO NORMAL THANKS YOU!

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