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Windows 8 VPN Error 812

I recently bumped into a little issue when connecting to my companies corp network using the VPN Client built into Windows 8. I haven’t run into this issue on XP, Vista, or Windows 7 so I wondered if something was new that may have prevented this. And I guessed it right.

After getting the following error:

Now having had this type of issue I looked into the VPN properties :

I noticed the following authentication settings were not selected. So I selected Microsoft CHAP version 2 under the ‘allow these protocols  and attempt to dial in and it worked. I later tested this on another Windows 8 setup I have run inside of a Virtual Machine and got the same.

It’s odd that this is the default setup on a newly made connect, but the solution to fix is simple.

End Notes: This was on a PPTP VPN Configuration; I’ll be testing SSTP soon.

– Jermal

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