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Capability Profiles in SCVMM 2012

Encounter the follow issues after importing a Hyper-V image created to be used in my SCVMM / APP Center environment: Two Errors:

The virtual machine configuration cannot target a host due to placement errors. (StatusCode: 22039–PlacementErrorsPresentInVmConfig)

The virtual machine workload test01 specifies settings that are not allowed by any capability profile supported by the cloud. A list of validation errors specific to each matching capability profile can be accessed by validating the hardware profile or template before it is rated (StatusCode: 23751–NoSupportedCapabilityProfile)


While this issue does not directly point out what the problem. It’s directly related to “Capability Profile” of the Virtual Machine Guest being used. My guest was not configured at the time of this error.

To correct this I did the following:

  1. Opened SCVMM at administrator
  2. Under Library, selected VM Templates
  3. Selected the Template which had the above errors
  4. Entered the properties for the Template
  5. Entered the Hardware Configuration Tab
  6. Under Compatibility, selected Hyper-V (the built-in fabric capability profile…)
  7. Clicked OK

At this point I went back to my test user account and was able to deploy without error.


And thanks to the folks over at TechNet for this: