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Moving from Bitbucket to GitHub for your CICD

I am sharing only because I am thinking about this, documenting, and trying to under what an organization might consider when planning a move from Bitbucket to GitHub.

From a Jenkins automation point of view. Here are some key aspects to be aware of.

API Differences:

  • Authentication: GitHub uses Personal Access Tokens (PATs) for authenticating Jenkins, while Bitbucket uses OAuth tokens. You’ll need to generate and configure the appropriate token for GitHub access in your Jenkins.
  • Branch triggers: GitHub supports webhook triggers for specific branches and tags, similar to Bitbucket. Ensure your Jenkins jobs are configured to use the relevant webhook URL and trigger conditions.
  • Pull request triggers: While both platforms offer pull request triggers for builds, the specific API endpoints and parameters might differ slightly. Review the GitHub API documentation for Jenkins integration to adjust your configurations.

Workflow Differences:

  • Code hosting: Your Jenkins pipelines will need to be updated to point to the GitHub repository instead of Bitbucket for pulling code. Ensure you have the correct URL and credentials configured.
  • Branching strategy: Consider if your branching strategy needs any adjustments. GitHub offers features like protected branches and branch protection rules that might require adaptation compared to Bitbucket.
  • Pull request reviews and approvals: If you previously relied on Bitbucket’s pull request review and approval features for triggering builds, you might need to configure similar workflows in GitHub.

Additional Considerations:

  • Security: Review and update your security settings for GitHub access in Jenkins, including PAT permissions and webhook configurations.
  • Plugins: Some plugins you might be using for Bitbucket integration might not have direct equivalents for GitHub. Explore compatible alternatives or consider custom scripting solutions.
  • Documentation: Update your CI/CD documentation and scripts to reflect the new GitHub integration and repository locations.
  • Testing and validation: Thoroughly test your CI/CD pipeline after transitioning to GitHub to ensure everything is working as expected.

Resources to help you:

Remember, approaching the migration in phases and testing thoroughly at each step can help ensure a smooth transition to GitHub with minimal disruption to your CI/CD workflows.

I hope this information helps!