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Network Wide Ad & Malicious Website Blocking | Pi-Hole

For a few months now I have used the software package named Pi-Hole as an internal network DNS server to prevent ad sites in addition to malicious websites from being accessible form compute resources on my home network.

Pi-Hole is a small install that can be installed on any Linux system and it works like a charm.

Install is simple, just run the following command:

curl -sSL | bash

Answer a few questions about how you would like the software configured and your up and running.

This is a very useful software this gives you many options to report on the activity of the systems on your network and what connections were requested and those blocked.

For more information and details please visit:

The following video also shows the installation process via a Putty SSH session.

[youtube id=”4uogMYk-ero” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Malicious Listsused to block phishing, and malware sites



Almost 50% of my home network traffic is junk, and so is yours. Do something about it, because your privacy is being taken from you and sold.

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My Current List –

# The below list amalgamates several lists we used previously.
# See `` for details
##StevenBlack’s list



##Zeustracker Tracking Ads

## jermsmit Custom List

Yes actually there is. The simplest way to do this is to add the full list that I shared on this blog post. Please note that you may have to wait list some things for social media like Facebook Instagram. It’s always advised to do some fine-tuning after implementing such a broad spectrum of blocking. Pihole by default has the capability of using DNSSEC. And if you add openvpn to the same host as the pihole they can become an all-in-one solution

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