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Configuring CPU Affinity for Docker Containers

Why is this needed If your system supports SMP (Symmetric multiprocessing) with some combination of multiple physical CPUs, CPU cores, and logical CPUs, you can achieve increased performance in some cases by assigning Docker Containers to specific CPU resources. This process is known as CPU affinity (or processor affinity). Gather Required Information To assign a […]

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Docker | OpenWebRX

This image is built from the latest released .deb packages and should be identical to a standard OpenWebRX+ installation on Debian. All receivers and demodulators available in this image. Install Blacklisting device drivers on host You should disable the kernel drivers for RTL, SDRPlay and HackRF devices on the host linux (where docker runs) before […]


Installing Docker on Ubuntu 18.04

To start, make sure our system is up to date Update your systems:sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get upgrade Once the system is up to date, we install Docker followed by portainer which is a simple management solution for Docker. It consists of a web UI that allows you to easily manage your Docker containers, images, networks, […]

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vSphere Customization Specification and Ubuntu 17.10

Has anyone noticed issues with #vSphere Customization Specification and #Ubuntu 17.10 (GNU/Linux 4.13.0-25-generic x86_64) – Now that the network settings are located in: /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml, I’m back to manually updating IP information (Server Naming still works). Although the traditional /etc/network/interfaces reflects the information provided by the customization process, the host still acquires a DHCP issued address. After some digging […]

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Meltdown & Spectre Vulnerabilities

Meltdown and Spectre exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors. These hardware bugs allow programs to steal data which is currently processed on the computer.  Malicious programs can exploit Meltdown and Spectre to get hold of secrets stored in the memory of other running programs obtaining passwords, logon details and what was once thought to be […]

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Network Wide Ad & Malicious Website Blocking | Pi-Hole

For a few months now I have used the software package named Pi-Hole as an internal network DNS server to prevent ad sites in addition to malicious websites from being accessible form compute resources on my home network. Pi-Hole is a small install that can be installed on any Linux system and it works like […]