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NTttcp Version 5.28 Now Available

NTttcp is used to profile and measure Windows networking performance. This tool was for ‘internal-only’ use for the last five years at Microsoft until now.

You can download it here:


  • Optimizations added for 10GigE interfaces
  • Increased platform support: x86, x64 and ARM
  • Simplified usage (e.g. sender and receiver functionality determined with a simple parameter switch)
  • Dynamic allocation of threads across all system cores (using ‘*’ for the processor ID mapping value)
  • Startup order dependency removed (i.e. server/receiver will wait for the other rather than time out)
  • Custom warm-up and cool down options available
  • Results can be outputted to XML
  • Ability to bind sender traffic to a specific IP address
  • Synchronization of data ports, useful when running multiple instances
  • An option to set the WAIT_ALL flag when using recv or WSARecv functions

For more info and the source of this post head over to the TechNet for more details.