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UAC from Windows 7 Command Line

UAC (User Account Control) is the most obnoxious, nagging  windows that will drive you crazy and frustrate you while using Windows 7 or Vista. One way to stop being annoyed is to disable it.  However doing so will make your computer less secure.  I in no way recommend anyone disable UAC, but I will provide […]


A change in…

After spending some time looking for a new web application to host my blog from I decided to move over to dasblog (  And while this was a good start I favored the design of WordPress, so I have made the move.  They say change is good.  Let’s just see how good it is!

How-To Technical

Openfiler USB Install

Details / OverviewRecently I had the need to boot Openfiler from a USB flash (thumb) drive.Note:  This installation method requires a Openfiler install to a hard disk, along with the USB driveI am using the hard drive installation to create a usb-storage enabled initrd file and thenI copy this new file to the USB drive so that I can […]


Headshot: PlayStation 3 Linux Support Dead

While there has been some talk & ‘buzz’ about this for some time now Sony has announced that it is removing the PlayStation 3’s “OtherOS” feature in the console next firmware update schedules on April 1st, 2010.  What does this say?  Goodbye to homebrewed games and many of the nice tools that made your PS3 […]