Important: Update Your Mozilla Web Browser to Firefox 58.0.1

Mozilla has released an important update for its Firefox web browser to patch a critical vulnerability that could allow remote attackers to execute malicious code on computers running an affected version of the browser. Affected web browser versions include Firefox 56 (.0, .0.1, .0.2), 57 (.0, .0.1, .0.2, .0.3, .0.4), and 58 (.0). The vulnerability […]

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Firefox: Add a Trusted Certificate Authority

By default Firefox has its own certificate store from well-know and trusted commercial Certificate Authorities. So today when I pushed out an internal self signed certificate; Firefox did not reconcile it as valid. To correct this issue I did the following: Launched Firefox Opened the options panel and selected Advanced Selected View Certificates to access […]

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Firefox + Cache + Ram

Playing around with using ram-risk configurations lately I decided to attempt to store cache data my web browser (Firefox) in memory rather than on the conventional location (my hard-drive). So by following these simple steps I was able to accomplish just this, and here are the steps I took Create a location where you would […]


Firefox Sync

This week I have come to learn of Firefox Sync.  I now have all my bookmarks, password, history and preferences available on all the computers I use.  Similar to how Google Chrome syncs your favorites.  For more info:

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Configure Firefox to use SSH tunnel for DNS

If you are using SSH to tunnel your web traffic, to keep your information private, you might be vulnerable to a DNS man-in-the-middle attack.  If your DNS requests are not tunneled, the operator of the hostile (or locked down) network can still see where you are navigating to on the web when your client makes DNS requests […]