PlayStation Users may get freebies

It seems that Sony is set to compensate its PlayStation Network users with some free stuff.  The executive deputy president of Sony Corp, Kaz Hirai apologized for the problems yesterday by saying that they were hit with a “highly sophisticated attack by a skilled intruder”.

He said customers would receive compensation in the form of free downloadable content and a free subscription to the PlayStation Plus enhanced online premium service.

Sony says customers will receive a month’s free subscription to PlayStation Plus. Existing subscribers to PlayStation Plus and Qriocity will get an extra month of free service.


Also reported:

“This criminal act against our network had a significant impact not only on our consumers, but our entire industry, said Mr Hirai, “These illegal attacks obviously highlight the widespread problem with cyber-security.

“We take the security of our consumers’ information very seriously and are committed to helping our consumers protect their personal data.

“In addition, the organization has worked around the clock to bring these services back online, and are doing so only after we had verified increased levels of security across our networks.”