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Remaining Rated Write Endurance 0%

My Dell PowerEdge R630 users have reported slowdowns. Investigating did not show any issues. After a support request with Dell it was mentioned that the SSD drives I’m using are known to exhibit issues of slowdowns due to timing problems.

This has been addressed with a firmware upgrade. The drives being used are configured in a RAID10 under the PERC H730 Mini Controller

Details about the disks:

Media Type: SSD
Firmware: LPCF11XC


I will soon update to * Firmware Version 11XU *

Fixes and Enhancements
Updated SMART attribute reportiing
Improved Interface command robustness

DST Long command handling
Improved DC cycle management

Info Found:

Release Notes:


The links to the notes and download may not be valid as Dell often changes the links.  Hopefully the main page for this firmware sticks around


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Hello Jermal,

We have experienced the same problems with Dell PowerEdge R730 with a PERC H330 Mini controller and 2 LiteOn ECE-200NAS ssd’s in RAID1.
We have reported this at Dell a few months ago and Dell is (or should be) investigating this issue.
Strange enough on one system the problem was solved after removing one of the ssd’s!
The problem does not ocure on the same systems with Intel ssd’s.

Did you manage to solve this problem for your users? If so, how?

We did not and are still out on this incident with Dell, they had me run diagnostics which simply informed them of the drive model. They offered me a firmware update which I was unsuccessful in applying.

My major concern is that the drives are not reporting correctly in this area

New Dell PowerEdge R730 servers have Intel ssd’s. With these systems we do not have any problem until now. That is why we are goig to replace the LiteON ssd’ by Intel ssd’s in several systems and see if that helps. (Unfortunately specs of the 200GB Intel ssd’s are comparable with SAS HDD’s.)
For another issue we have ordered PERC H730 controllers. We will test these controllers with de LiteOn ssd’s.

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