Office 365: Initiate a full password sync using DirSync

Having a need to rapidly sync passwords to Office 365 using Directly Sync (DirSync) I come across the following method that seems to work with minimal effort.  By default the DirSync only kicks off ever 3-5 min’s. To initiate a full password sync you can do the following: Open PowerShell, and then type: Import-Module DirSync   […]

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Office 365: Directory Synchronization Isssues

Yes!  In Office 365 at last and now synchronizations are failing The followin message is shown in the forefront identity manager: stopped-server-down And with the event id of 655 the following message is shown: Failed credential provisioning ping. Error: Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.ServerDownException: Failed even after 5 retries. Action: ProvisionCredentials, Exception: Unable to communicate with the Windows Azure […]

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O365: Forefront Identity Manager & Office 365 DirSync Failing

I encountered an issue where both Forefront Identity Manager and Office 365 DirSync both failed to start. My investigation of this after I received an email from which had informed me that Windows Azure Active Directory did not register a synchronization attempt from the Directory Sync tool. First I attempted to do was start the Microsoft Online […]