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Change Hostname On Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Core

Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Core is installed and now its time to change the hostname from the install default.┬áTo change the hostname I will issue the following command: netdom renamecomputer [oldhostname] /newname [newhostname]   You will get the following message once completed: Certain services, such as the Certificate Authority, rely on a fixed machine┬áname. […]

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Changing hostname or domain name in Vyatta

Using the Vyatta command line interface (CLI) you can change the hostname and even the domain name of your Vyatta installation. To set the hostname do the following: configure set system host-name Vyatta commit To set the domain name do the following: configure set system domain-name commit After each above you will want to […]

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sudo and “unable to resolve host hostname” error message

Working on a clean install of Ubuntu Desktop 13.04. I changed the hostname of the system /etc/hostname and later noticed I got the following error message “unable to resolve host hostname” when ever I did an sudo command (example: sudo -i). To resolved this I changed the following: I used nano to edit /etc/hosts and […]