Oracle Java, requiring Commercial license

Using Java for your projects, and testing? You may have gone and updated recently and noticed the updated license terms. The new license permits certain uses, such as personal use and development use, at no cost. Those using this in the workplace, not so much. Oracle is encouraging those downloading java from their site to […]

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Annoying: Ask Toolbar install with Java

How many times have you install or simply updated your Java, only to be asked once again to install third part software such as the ask toolbar? How many time have end users in your company also done this only to have the tool bar eat away at resources on their workstations or conflict with […]

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Raw Hard Disk (dd) Images As VMDK Virtual Disks

Written in Java and is designed to be OS independent. raw2vmdk¬†creates an appropriately structured VMDK file that refers to the raw image, which can then be mounted by VMware. It is extremely simple to use and provides the required results in seconds. This is a new tool, so if you have any feedback please do […]