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Proxmox Journey

Hi everyone! For years, I’ve tinkered with VMs in my home lab using VMware and Hyper-V. Recently, I took the plunge and switched to Proxmox as my primary “Type 1” hypervisor. It’s been a fantastic learning experience, filled with both challenges and excitement. I’m eager to share my journey, offer insights to others, and learn […]

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How do i check which LVM version i’m using.

“bump” root@websvr:~# lvm version LVM version: 2.02.66(2) (2010-05-20) Library version: 1.02.48 (2010-05-20) Driver version: 4.22.0 And that is my filler post for the day. — more info — Logical Volume Manager (Linux) LVM is a logical volume manager for the Linux kernel; it manages disk drives and similar mass-storage devices. The term “volume” refers to […]