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‘in-depth’ with the Windows 8 task manager

One of the newest features in Windows 8 is the new Task Manager. Microsoft gave the Task Manager a complete overhaul that includes several performance tools to help you optimize your PC. In an official blog post, Microsoft goes over these optimization tips. Microsoft has also posted up a video that showcases these tips in […]

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Saving Private RAID ‘en

Over a week now I have been having serious performance issues with my private SAN (I am using OpenMediaVault) here at home. I noticed the issues and reviewed everything from services to software recently updated. Later to discover one of my HDD (Hard Disk Drives) in my RAID set were having issues The symptoms were that all […]

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SQL Server backup in multiple parts

“It’s so logical and so simple. Fat is the backup fuel system. The role it plays in the body is that when there’s no carbohydrate around, fat will become the primary energy fuel. That’s pretty well known.” – Robert Atkins Recently I have been working with my dB Administrator to get some DR backups to our […]