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Saving Private RAID ‘en

Over a week now I have been having serious performance issues with my private SAN (I am using OpenMediaVault) here at home. I noticed the issues and reviewed everything from services to software recently updated. Later to discover one of my HDD (Hard Disk Drives) in my RAID set were having issues

The symptoms were that all read / write operations where slower than dirty (non technical terminology) Accompanied by very high Load and low memory, cpu utilization on the SAN itself. I used iostat to confirm toward the end that indeed the issues were with my disk system

Today the drive finally failed and performance return again, well things got better, however now I am down a disk. While I am aware that a drive had failed. Next is to identify which disk physically failed in my software RAID.

And the mission begins to save this system.

Rest assured I am in the process of doing local backups of select data and my trusty online backup service CrashPlan has the rest