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Proxmox Journey

Hi everyone! For years, I’ve tinkered with VMs in my home lab using VMware and Hyper-V. Recently, I took the plunge and switched to Proxmox as my primary “Type 1” hypervisor. It’s been a fantastic learning experience, filled with both challenges and excitement. I’m eager to share my journey, offer insights to others, and learn […]

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Tech Short: Proxmox – Adding node to existing cluster

I’m back and testing proxmox once again.  This time I am adding my 3rd machine to the cluster. Performing this task is very simple to do and takes only a few moments of time to complete. With that said lets get into it. First you will need to access the proxmox console or log via […]

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Proxmox – Unable to delete KVM Virtual Machine

First time administrating a proxmox system (no RTFM for me) when I ran into an issue of being unable to delete a virtual machine.  The issue itself may have been caused by me removing the storage before deleting the virtual machine. The error message: TASK ERROR: storage ‘proxmoxHDD’ does not exists I attempted using the qm […]