natural emergence of augmented reality

One of the new emerging information technologies that we are witnessing today is this idea of augmented reality. This notion of taking the world of everyday perception and tweaking it, augmenting it, and impregnating perception with mindedness and with aesthetics. So what does that mean? It essentially means that the information technologies and instruments we’re using today to manipulate and transform […]


Why we do what we love

Working at a software company gives me the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Infragistics held a round of interviews with developers on why they enjoyed what they do from day to day. This was put on video and shard to the world. I rather enjoyed the video and after seeing it […]

Software Technical

How secure are the apps you use on Smart Phones

In my last post I wrote a very brief how-to on how to Capture Traffic from Smart Devices with Fiddler by making it a network proxy. I did just that and the results for a few app’s have upset me. Mainly because it exposes not only my password and user id, it exposed the content […]