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Listening to radioPup streams on my PC

radioPup is a personalized radio app designed for mobile devices featuring local radio stations streaming the best music and news available. Covering many genres of the best music the stations have to offer. Best of all its live radio. But what if you didn’t want to just use your mobile device and prefer using your […]

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How secure are the apps you use on Smart Phones

In my last post I wrote a very brief how-to on how to Capture Traffic from Smart Devices with Fiddler by making it a network proxy. I did just that and the results for a few app’s have upset me. Mainly because it exposes not only my password and user id, it exposed the content […]

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Capture Traffic from Smart Devices with Fiddler

This method applies to any device on your network where you can change the values of the network proxy. I sought out this information with the intent to learn how secure are some of the the mobile applications I had been using day to day were. And when I’m sick with a head-cold the mind […]

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Fiddler + Telerik

“A man should never neglect his family for business.” –¬†Walt Disney There has been some exciting news in the software community of Telerik. They just acquired Fiddler! On top of that the maker of Fiddler, Eric Lawrence will join the staff of Telerik, leaving Microsoft to be a member of the team. And its¬†obvious why […]