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Using SSH as VPN Solution in Linux

Looking for a quick simple way to have VPN access to your network or simply to secure your connection when you are on a remote network you don’t complete truest such as a public hot-spot.

And while there are many solutions I have one which is simple to use.

It’s called ‘sshuttle’ and all you need a remote server that you have remote SSH access to and a bit of software on your Linux computer.

To install ‘sshuttle’ on Debian releases you simple apt-get install sshuttle

To use sshuttle you just use the following command:

sshuttle -r user@remote_host –dns

This will initiate a SSH VPN connection and send all your traffic security from the network your on out of the remote network your trust.

Simple and easy to setup and use.


Note: You do require to have access to a remote SSH server. Setting up an openSSH server is simple to do in Linux and even on a Windows host. — Search Google, you’ll find plenty of info, and perhaps it may even take you back to here if I get around to writing up something.  Best of luck to ya.