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What are Android custom roms?

A custom rom is a modified Android OS (operating system) that you can install on your device. These roms are developed by open sources developers such as the xda developers.

Think of custom roms as tinting your car glass or even as adding ground effects to pimp out your ride (car). The customization’s seem to be limitless.

Some things these rom’s do is allow you to use features that are locked out of the phone that you purchased from your carrier (example: AT&T, SPRINT,Verizon,T-Mobile, etc…). Such features are WiFi Tethering, Bluetooth Tethering and USB Tethering. Other options and the list goes on is the ability to toggle the network down form LTE to 3G, 2G, even Edge network…

With the noon rooted / custom rom’ed devices you have the well known OTA updates that your provider sends you. In most cases it takes you way to long, if ever to get it the latest Android OS. Using custom roms you can get the latest update as soon as its released; The waiting game doesn’t exist.

As your phone get’s older, the standard updates end; you are left behind. Well this is not so with custom roms. You can get to use the latest and greatest features on the same hardware; meaning your phone is still good as long as you don’t step on it with high- heals or allow it to go for a swim.

Then there is the bloat. Most phones come out of the box with bloat. With custom roms there is none of the extra software on the phone; freeing up disk space, performance and battery life.

Rooting and installing custom roms isn’t a simple task; however there is a lot of information out there to guide you through the process.

Good luck and jack your phone out of the Matrix and be free.

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