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Cross Premise Calendar Sharing with Office 365

After a migration to Office 365, the users found that they were no longer able to access/edit calendar information, nor was on-premise users able to access/edit calendar details of the Office 365 users.

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In a hybrid deployment of on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365, you can configure free/busy information sharing so that on-premises users and cloud-based users can see each other’s availability in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web App.

However, you can’t grant permissions to create or edit items in another user’s calendar cross-premises. That is, cloud-based users can’t edit the calendars of on-premises users, and on-premises users can’t edit the calendars of cloud-based users. For this level of access, especially when one user must act as a delegate for another user, both mailboxes must exist in your on-premises Exchange organization, or both mailboxes must exist in your Office 365 organization.

To move an on-premises mailbox to the cloud-based organization, or to move a cloud-based mailbox back to the on-premises organization, run the New Remote Move Request Wizard in the Exchange Management Console on the hybrid server. For more information about mailbox migration between the on-premises organization and the cloud-based organization, see the following wiki post in the Office 365 Community: Link

Error messages that users may receive when they try to grant Write-level permissions or perform Write-level actions (such as deleting an appointment in another user’s calendar in Outlook or Outlook Web App) include the following:

  • One or more users cannot be added to the folder access list. Non-local users cannot be given rights on this server
  • You cannot make changes to the contents of this read-only folder
  • You don’t have the appropriate permission to perform this operation

Source: KB2807149

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