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Cross Premise Calendar Sharing with Office 365

After a migration to Office 365, the users found that they were no longer able to access/edit calendar information, nor was on-premise users able to access/edit calendar details of the Office 365 users. More info: In a hybrid deployment of on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365, you can configure […]

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O365: On-premises users aren’t getting email messages from Office 365 users in an Exchange hybrid deployment

It was complex, and it was difficult; but I was able to get a hybrid setup with my exchange server (on-premises) with Office 365 I am still working on other items such as logging in with a default domain suffix of my choosing but more on that later. The issue I had faced involved sending […]

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Exchange Server 2013 SP1 Transport Service Issues

I recently updated Exchange Server 2013 CU3 to Exchange Server 2013 SP1. The update seemed to go smoothly however I discovered that external emails were not flowing. Oddly enough outbound emails worked just fine. Symptoms No inbound email being processed by Exchange 2013 SP1. You also notice the following loged in the Application Event Logs: […]