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Proxmox Journey

Hi everyone! For years, I’ve tinkered with VMs in my home lab using VMware and Hyper-V. Recently, I took the plunge and switched to Proxmox as my primary “Type 1” hypervisor. It’s been a fantastic learning experience, filled with both challenges and excitement. I’m eager to share my journey, offer insights to others, and learn […]

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My VMware Certification Experience

I recently received my VCP6-DCV Certification from VMware by Passing the 2V0-621 Proctored Exam with Pearson VUE. The Journey For many years I have used VMware products. I distinctly recall getting my hands on VMware Workstation back in 2001, and it was truly an amazing tool. I could emulate Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, QNX, and even a […]


Tech Short Q&A: What is a Hypervisor?

It’s interesting that this classification isn’t new. In fact it was classified by Gerald J. Popek back in 1974 in the article “Formal Requirements for Virtualizable Third Generation Architectures” So to answer the question: A hypervisor is a hardware virtualization technique which allows multiple guest operating systems to run on a single host system hardware […]