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Finding the Failed Hard Drive – Linux Software RAID

After discovering my software raid system had suffered from a failed disk drive it was time to locate it and replace. But the question was “Which physical disk drive failed”. I don’t have a fancy blinking light or one that changes to amber or red when something is wrong. So to locate the drive I […]

Software Technical

How to Find Hardware Devices in Linux with lshw

I needed to know the exact serial number of a failed disk drive in a software RAID set. I used the lshw tool to list out the drives on my system so that I could identify the disk that had failed. This tool will list the the hardware you are running and a good way […]

How-To Software Technical

Show List Of Network Cards in Linux

Here is a question I got not so long ago. Jermal, How do I go about finding the name and type of network card I have in my Linux installation? First off, thanks for asking me. I know of a few ways and I’ll list them here. Short and simple. We have the the following commands: […]