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Xfinity Cable TV/Phone/Internet Services

I have recently become a homeowner and now in my new home I was forced to change Phone, TV and Internet Services. For many years I have been a very happy Verizon FiOS customer. The thing I will miss most about FiOS is the price and the internet speeds. It was a sad day when I needed to cancel my account. Even the account manager I talked with to exempt me of the cancellation fee’s was upset to see me go.

Now on Xfinity with a new setup I am impressed with the new equipment; set-top boxes, and cable modem.

List of Equipment:

  1. Voice and Data Modem: Arris Interactive, L.L.C. TG862G – With 4 Ethernet Interfaces supporting 10/100/1000 speeds along with built in Wireless supporting B,G,and N connections. More info can be found here.
  2. Cable Box: PACE PR150BNC – Impressive set-top box with excellent HD support
  3. Cable Box: PACE PX001ANC – Xfinity HD DVR Box, impressive and fast cable set-top box. Like that of the one above, excellent menu system and additional features enabling you to bring your tv experience and online social experience to your television.
  4. UTA Device: THOMSON TOM UDTA – what more can I say. Its a uDTA device which converts the digital signal into something standard for your viewing on your tv. It’s not HD which seems to be a little let down, but on the other hand we can extend TV services to other TV’s in our home.
  5. Xfinity Mobile Wireless: While this isn’t equipment in my home; its everywhere we go. This is a major win for Xfinity as I and family member have many mobile devices and this will help extend our mobile experience outside of our home. Info: XFINITY WiFi is included with XFINITY Internet (Performance tier and above) at no additional cost. And this is a major win over my former FiOS service.

And while it took me forever to set up my online account; I am truly impressed how intuitive the web portal is and how simple it is to manage my account. As a new customer; (former one of Comcast many years ago) I am impressed, very impressed.