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The team over at Amazon are very helpful, especially when it comes to learning how to do things in the world they have helped shape. The coolest part of this is that they are willing to do it for free.

From building a simple website to crafting an AI-based chat bot.  Learn about the best practices and how/when  to apply them. So go checkout some of the best new tech content from AWS—from deep-dive tutorials to industry-trend articles.

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OneDrive for Business “We couldn’t sync this library…”

I recently changed my password and needed to sign back into one drive. When doing so I encountered the following error message:  “We couldn’t sync this library. This library can no longer be synced using this application.”

I didn’t care much for the statement that in order to sync I needed to use the latest OneDrive application. I will upgrade later, but for now I needed to gain access to my file and sync.

To resolve the following steps were taken:

– Exit the One Drive for Business Application

– In the run box (WinKey R), type regedit

– Once in the registry, navigate down to HKEY_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Common\Groove\

– Locate the key Disablemysitesync

– Update to registry key – ..\Groove\Disablemysitesync from 1 to 0.

– Start the one drive for business application
You should be able to click “Sync Now” and your up and syncing again


Bitcoin – How to buy, where, and should you.

Bitcoin was eyeing $13,000 a coin Wednesday morning, less than 12 hours after soaring over $12,000.

I purchased coin a few years ago using it to trade for things online (mostly in video games). Now bitcoin is all the rage and is worth more than the make pretend money online I once thought it was.  I recently had some friends inquire on how they can go about obtaining coin if they are not going to mine for it.

Warning: Bitcoin is a very, very…. volatile currency and I am in no way a financial expert.

The simple solution is to just buy it.  Now where to buy it may be trickiest part. You can also “mine” bitcoin if your computer has the requirements to do so.

I go involved by signing up to a bitcoin wallet service (multiple of them), the most popular options are Coinbase, Blockchain.info


You sign up like any other. Enter your name and email address and set a password to get started. The use of use Google Authenticator or a security keys is the best steps to secure your login

I must say, while this is very interesting be careful you are risking real money for virtual money that could be lost at any moment.  Ref NiceHash hack


Bitlocker Powershell Script to check encryption status | Thanks Jijo Chacko

Big thanks to “Jijo Chacko” for sharing this script with me.  Very useful to check the Bitlocker encryption status of computers in your environment. 



Function Get-BitlockerInfo()
Retrieves Bitlocker Encryption information.
Retrieves Bitlocker Encryption information from Multiple computers.
.PARAMETER Machinelist
File name and path of the file contains machine information.
Bit-locker Not Enabled
Get-BitlockerInfo -Machinelist C:\Users\jijo\Desktop\Check.txt -LogfileName C:\Users\jijo\Desktop\Bitlocker.csv
Jijo Chacko,jijochacko2005@gmail.com
[Parameter(Mandatory=$True)] [String]$LogfileName
$machines=Get-Content -Path $Machinelist
Foreach($Computer in $Machines)
$ping = Test-Connection $Computer -Count 1 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
if ($ping.statuscode -eq 0)
$EncryptionStatus=Manage-bde -computername $Computer -status C:
$Size=$EncryptionStatus|Where-Object{$_ -like ‘*Size:*’}
If ($size -ne $null)

$Conversionstatus=$EncryptionStatus|Where-Object{$_ -like ‘*Conversion Status:*’}
If ($Conversionstatus -ne $null)

$Percentage=$EncryptionStatus|Where-Object{$_ -like ‘*Percentage Encrypted:*’}
If ($Percentage -ne $null)

$Protectionstatus=$EncryptionStatus|Where-Object{$_ -like ‘*Protection Status:*’}
If ($Protectionstatus -ne $null)
$newprotectionstatus =”B.N.E”


$details=New-object psobject
$details|Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name “Computer Name” -Value $Computer
$details|Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name Size -Value $Newsize
$details|Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name “Percentage Completed” -Value $newpercentage
$details|Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name “Protection Status” -Value $newprotectionstatus
$details|Add-Member -Type NoteProperty -Name “Conversion Status” -Value $newConversionstatus
$Bitlockerforprint += $details
$Newsize= $null
$newpercentage = $null
$newprotectionstatus = $null
$newConversionstatus = $null

Write-Host ($_.Exception.Message) -ForegroundColor Red
Write-Warning “Destination Host Unreachable $Computer “
$Bitlockerforprint|Select-Object “Computer Name”,Size,”Percentage Completed”,”Conversion Status”,”Protection Status”|format-table -AutoSize
$Bitlockerforprint|Select-Object “Computer Name”,Size,”Percentage Completed”,”Conversion Status”,”Protection Status”|Export-Csv $LogfileName -force -encoding “unicode” -NoClobber -Append

Cruise Ship – Prohibited Items List

I am heading on a vacation with family.  Doing some last minute review of what we would be unable to take along with us. The following items are prohibited on-board. These items will be confiscated and not transported aboard.


  • All illegal narcotics/drugs. (Including Marijuana prescribed for medical purposes and other items used as drug paraphernalia. This includes Hookah Pipes).
  • All firearms including replicas, imitations, non-firing weapons, starting pistols and their components
    Air, BB or pellet pistols or rifles
  • Any other projectile-weapon or item that resembles or can be mistaken as a firearm (e.g., paint ball guns)
    All ammunition or replica ammunition for listed line items 2, 3 & 4
  • All explosives, component parts (i.e. detonators) including imitation explosives and devices
  • Fireworks, flares, and pyrotechnics
  • Martial Arts Weapons (i.e. throwing stars, flails)
  • Knives with a blade longer than 4 inches/10.16 cm
  • Open razors
  • Swords, Skean Dhus, or Kirpans
  • Spears or spear guns
  • Crossbows, crossbow bolts, and long bow arrows
  • Blunt weapons including knuckle dusters, brass knuckles, clubs, telescopic batons, batons, flails or nunchaku
  • Items containing incapacitating substances (e.g. gas guns, tear gas sprays, mace, phosphorus, acid and other dangerous chemicals that could be used to maim or disable
  • Restraining Devices (i.e. handcuffs, leg, and head restraining straps)
  • Flammable substances and hazardous chemicals. (e.g., petrol, methylated spirits, paint thinners, lighter fuel, etc.)
  • Any other item made, adapted or intended for use as an offensive weapon
  • Stun devices (i.e. Tazers and Stun Guns)
  • Large batteries
  • Items brought on board the vessel and not supplied by the Company containing any kind of heating element, such as but not limited to: immersion heaters, heating blankets, clothing irons, water heaters, coffee machines with heating/hot plates, etc.
  • Any remotely controlled or autonomously flying devices, toys or drones
  • Self-balancing hover boards, air wheels, scooters, or Segway’s
  • Compressed gas tanks, bottles, cylinders including dive tanks, propane tanks and large aerosol cans
  • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB), ham radios, satellite phones, transformers, lasers and laser pointers
  • Any form of radio/ telephone signal jamming equipment
  • Samsung Note 7
  • Candles