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Cybersecurity best practices

Below are recommendations on cybersecurity best practices that are useful in protecting digital assets and reducing the likelihood and impact of a successful attack. Invest in security awareness training. Invest the time, money, and resources to ensure users understand risks, the latest cyber threats, and best practices. Lock screens. When stepping away from your computer […]


24-72 Hour Fasting

Beginners Guide to Prolonged Fasting | 24-72 Hour Fasting Instructions – Thomas DeLauer – Please visit the following YouTube Channel Stem CellsThis comes into play after 2-3 days of fastingA study from USC found that prolonged fasting (2-3 days) can reset and regenerate the immune system – resulted in the depletion of white blood […]

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Website redirecting to another site from search results

I was recently informed by a friend that was redirecting to another site when clicked on a google search result link. Initially, I thought he may have had some local malware. After a fair amount of time inspecting the web traffic, and review of site configuration, I was able to determine that the redirect […]


Edgerouter: Disabling IPSec

There are times where you just need to disable IPSec VPN Connection to/from your Edgerouter. While there are ways to stop the service I wanted something that would last during a reboot and retain my configurations for when I need it. This can be done with a few simple steps in the web UI. To […]


One-Year Public-Trust SSL Certificates

By now you’ve likely heard about Apple’s announcement at the February 2020 Certificate Authority/Browser Forum meeting that they will no longer accept publicly trusted TLS web server certificates valid for longer than 398 days after Sept. 1, 2020, in the Mac OS and iOS platforms. The CA/B Forum had previously voted down an initiative to reduce public TLS certificate […]