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Gain access to former user’s OneDrive data

In most organizations, you will have the employees leave at some point.  In most cases, you will you probably want to access and protect their data. Data such as documents and emails and then transfer ownership to a manager or new employee.  Performing a dump of the users home directories and contents of a hard […]


Goodbye, Google+

Con te partirò , Google+ It’s been truly a fun ride, from private testing to the public launch. great hopes for Google+ as an alternative to other mainstream social media options.  Campaigning to get friends and family over to the social network,  but getting traction against those other platforms was next to impossible. This all comes to a […]

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Configure preferred geo data location in Office 365

  GDPR had me thinking about Multi-Geo in Office 365 By default, Office 365 resources for your users are located in the same geo as your Azure AD tenant. So, if your tenant is located in North America, then the users’ Exchange mailboxes, OneDrive is also located in North America. For a multinational organization, this […]

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OneDrive for Business “We couldn’t sync this library…”

I recently changed my password and needed to sign back into one drive. When doing so I encountered the following error message:  “We couldn’t sync this library. This library can no longer be synced using this application.” I didn’t care much for the statement that in order to sync I needed to use the latest OneDrive […]

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Quick How To Share a Document with OneDrive for Business

You can share file(s): Documents and such with Onedrive for Business 1.      In the file list, right-click a document, or select a document and then select Share. 2.      Select Get a link. 3.      Choose who to share with, and if they can view or edit the file. 4.      To share with people inside your organization, choose: 5.      View link – […]

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OneDrive & OneDrive for Business

Many of us have used OneDrive for several years now.  Now with the big boom in cloud adoption and the great success of Microsoft’s Office 365. Introducing the buzz around implementing OneDrive for Business. I for one have had my share of thoughts around this. Sure its OneDrive and you just drop in files which […]