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OneDrive for Business “We couldn’t sync this library…”

I recently changed my password and needed to sign back into one drive. When doing so I encountered the following error message:  “We couldn’t sync this library. This library can no longer be synced using this application.” I didn’t care much for the statement that in order to sync I needed to use the latest OneDrive […]

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Office 365: MO17808 – Service degradation

Well this may be why I’ve had issues all day Current Status: Engineers continue to perform tests on the affected networking capacity in order to develop a plan to remediate impact. User Experience: End users are not directly affected by this issue. Customer Impact: Customer impact appears to be limited at this time. Any users […]

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BitTorrent Sync

Looking for a free (and new) way to keep folder in sync using a secure and fast method across multiple computers. Well look no further than BitTorrent. It’s been used for many things and the folks over at BitTorrent have given us BitTorrent Sync. No accounts needed, no subscriptions and best of all it works on a […]