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OneDrive for Business “We couldn’t sync this library…”

I recently changed my password and needed to sign back into one drive. When doing so I encountered the following error message:  “We couldn’t sync this library. This library can no longer be synced using this application.”

I didn’t care much for the statement that in order to sync I needed to use the latest OneDrive application. I will upgrade later, but for now I needed to gain access to my file and sync.

To resolve the following steps were taken:

– Exit the One Drive for Business Application

– In the run box (WinKey R), type regedit

– Once in the registry, navigate down to HKEY_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Common\Groove\

– Locate the key Disablemysitesync

– Update to registry key – ..\Groove\Disablemysitesync from 1 to 0.

– Start the one drive for business application
You should be able to click “Sync Now” and your up and syncing again


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